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LAUSD Wellness Centers

At LAUSD, we know…


  • 27% of our students are uninsured and 44% are enrolled in Medi-Cal
  • 1 in 4 students is obese and 1 in 30 will develop type 2 diabetes before they graduate
  • Student health = Student success!


We need you to join our effort to ensure that our students are not only healthy and able to learn, but succeeding and well!


In 2008, the Los Angeles Trust (LA Trust) for Children’s Health, in partnership with LAUSD’s Student Health and Human Services Division, created a strategic plan to open Wellness Centers across the LAUSD community.  The intent behind the centers was to provide vital physical, mental, oral and visual health services to LAUSD students and their families in LA’s  health ‘hot spots’ or underserved communities. 

Through joint use facility funds and the generous donations of the LA Trust partners, in 2013, a vision was realized. 

The LAUSD Wellness Centers are open and ready to serve our students District-wide, their families and the surrounding communities, offering health and wellness programs and services, along with primary prevention education, connection to career pathway programs and parent education across the LAUSD community. 

Currently, fourteen (14) full-service Wellness Centers are operational across the District, as of 2014:

  • Belmont High School
  • Carson High School
  • Elizabeth Learning Center
  • Fremont High School
  • Gage Middle School
  • Garfield High School
  • Hollywood High School
  • Jefferson High School
  • Jordan High School
  • Locke Early Education Center
  • Manual Arts High School
  • Washington Arts High School
  • Crenshaw High School


  • Monroe High School





The investment in LAUSD Wellness Centers is unprecedented in scale anywhere else in the US.


Your support of the LAUSD 5k ‘Move it’ Challenge will provide critical support for healthy eating and active living items, programs and services offered through the Wellness Centers such as:


  • Instant Recess CDs for each school campus designed to promote exercise and physical activity
  • Supplies and equipment for active living including, but not limited to: outdoor gym equipment, jump ropes, exercise bands for fitness, yoga mats, stress balls, hula hoops, etc.
  • Supplies to build or enhance school and Wellness Center-based community gardens
  • Funding for student-directed programs offered through the Wellness Center that focus on promoting healthy eating and active living at all LAUSD campuses
  • Funding for nutritionists, fitness trainers, etc.

                                Join us in supporting the health and wellness of our students, families and the LAUSD community. 

                                                                              Sponsor the LAUSD 5k ‘Move It’ Challenge today!                                                                                               

For more information on the Los Angeles Trust for Children’s Health or the LAUSD Wellness Centers, please visit or call (213) 241-3511.

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